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    Coating engineering co., LTD., located in jiangsu Cambridge ZongHu town of yandu district, yancheng city, jiangsu province,Yancheng airport、The railway station、The beijing-shanghai high-speed traffic is convenient,The company was founded in1997Years,Is engaged in the coating and its complete sets of equipment design in China、Manufacturing、Installation and service of professional manufacturers,The national light industry gave nameboards coating industry base in China enterprises。Main products of electrostatic powder spraying、Paint coating production line series;Yin、Anodic electrophoretic coating production line series reached higher level in China,Products are widely used in automobiles、Home appliance、Machinery、Hardware、Building materials and other industries。
    With BMW、Shanghai Volkswagen、Zhengzhou nissan、Faw、No.2、Hafei、Jinlong、The northern Benz、Beijing auto fukuda、Nanjing changan、Days..[In more detail]
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