Yuncheng electronic co., LTD., the predecessor of the Chinese academy of sciences of southeast ark electronic co., LTD,Was established1999Years,Are have many years of experience in professional production of electricity sensor manufacturers。The products of the company in the military,Electric locomotive,Communication power supply,Electric welding machine,Battery monitoring,Distribution monitoring, etc, are all achieved good application,Can provide you with complete isolation、High performance power sensor。From the current sensor in the current scope10mA~10000A,From the voltage measurement range0~6400V。In recent years, the company development and production of power sensor test-bed through three generations of the upgrade, Also won the rail system user's consistent high praise。
    The company series electric quantity isolation detection sensor、Transmitter using measured signal input circuit and output is completely isolated way of measurement,Make the detected signal input circuit without energy dissipation and common mode can effectively overcome the system interference,Ac\/dc voltage can be respectively on the system circuit loop、The current electricity such as accurate and reliable、Fast calibration。Product output can be for the current international standards、Voltage、Frequency signal,Can comply with the current industry standards、Voltage、Frequency signal and non-standard signals。

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