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Jia is thriving, measurement and control technology co., LTD,Is a professional engaged in a variety of material and products inspection plan and related integration system of ordering and r&d。At present, the company has been in the air filter、Water filtration、Personal respiratory protective equipment industry provides a series of filter material and filter in the field of testing instrument and integrated system;For the Beijing labor protection research institute and the national related management institutions provide authoritative testing instrument and equipment、Such as tongji university for colleges and universities、Zhejiang university、Hangzhou university of science and technology, electronic etc. Provide all kinds of test instruments and teaching equipment。 RON mann measurement and control for the industry users with professional、Personalization、Systematic testing technology solutions, and is suitable for customer requirements and high reliability of professional testing equipment。In order to enhance professional technology for the development of the core、For the purpose of the supremacy of credibility,To become a variety of materials and products inspection technical scheme and related first-class professional supplier of integrated system。RON mann measurement and control of the main business is research and development、Production of all kinds of non-standard equipment、The test、Inspection and testing equipment such as integrated systems and technology solutions。Company specializing in the development in line with international standards、The national standard、Industry standards(Such asISO、EN、IEC、ANSI、DIN、BS、GB、UL、IEC、CRAA)And other related equipment。At the same time for each college scientific research units to develop non-standard test equipment and related testing equipment。 Jia is thriving, measurement and control technology co., LTD. Is located in tongxiang economic development zone development road,The geographical position is superior,Water、Lu、Air transportation is very convenient(From tongxiang high-speed and shanghai-hangzhou、ShenJiaHu highway entrances and exits8~10Minutes' drive,From hangzhou xiaoshan、Shanghai hongqiao and pudong airport about an hour's drive)。
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