• About the three rivers

    agEntertainment to the client

    AGEntertainment is JapanNOK,GermanySIMRIT,GermanyCORTECO,JapanMITSUBOSHIAuthorized agent in China,Responsible for promotion in China,Sales and technical support services...

  • Of product

    Sanjiang products

    Business products:NOKOil seal、AGEntertainment、AGThe entertainment circle、Car oil seal、OForm of a circle、The belt。
    Application industry:Engineering machinery、Hydraulic press、Injection molding machine、The speed reducer、Metallurgy、Boating、Pump valve、A car、Motorcycle, etc,Now and many famous factories established long-term relationship...

  • The enterprise culture

    The enterprise culture

    Vision:To become the world's leading brand of industrial agent benchmarking
    Mission:Focus on providing customers with goods are high quality of the world industry leading brand
    Core values:Speak trust another 力臻至善...

  • NOK


    AGEntertainment is mainly installed in the hydraulic oil cylinder,Through the reciprocating motion,UpAGEntertainment function element。AGEntertainment is used with anti-wear ring and shield,Mainly used in construction machinery、On the injection machine and hydraulic oil cylinder is used。

  • NOKOil seal

    NOKOil seal

    Oil seal oil seal is used for mechanical components,Is also called the axis of the lipAGThe entertainment circle, Range of application:Aeronautics and astronautics、Machinery and shipbuilding、A car、Petroleum chemical industry、Instruments and meters、Engineering machinery、Engine transmission, etc。

  • NOK ORing

    NOK OCircle

    NOK ORing cross sectionOShape(The circular)The ringAGEntertainment,General installation in the groove,To moderate compression,Used toAGRecreational water、The air、Gas, such as a wide variety of fluid.Mainly used construction machinery,Agricultural machinery,The general industrial machinery and so on.

  • NOKCar oil seal

    NOK Car oil seal

    NOKCar oil seal is mainly used in automobile engine crankshaft oil seal、Convex Shaft seal、Valve seal,Transmission shaft oil seal used,Drive axle half shaft oil seal,The main gear oil seal

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