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  • Guangzhou galaxy winery co., LTD“F our olive wineries”Located in known as“Guangzhou garden”—Guangzhou conghua district taiping town money gang village。Here,Castle peak green water,Ma is the olive tree,Lingnan fruit trees,Flower garden;Here,No large factory,There is no fair,You hand in the stream spring into his mouth,Sweet to the soul。Guangzhou Milky Way winery located in the beautiful environment of drinking water resources reserves,Is based on the human enjoy combined with health for the purpose。Galaxy brewery from the top...For details>>
  • Address:Guangzhou conghua taiping town shaxi avenue00827Number    The phone:020—87822268    Fax:020-87822368
    The general manager:13926109368     QQ:191424301  For the record:GuangdongICPTo prepare15063616Number